” The MÜNN Mission”

Article by : Brian James| Fashion Writer | @brianjamesstyling

One of the highlights of SS20 London Fashion Week Mens was the appearance of Korean fashion label MÜNN whose London debut collection re-imagined classic 1960s tailoring juxtaposed with a very 21st century androgynous, gender fluid aesthetic. Given its success it was no surprise that the brand was invited back to LFWM AW20. I was delighted to be invited to the show and to also be  invited backstage to spend some time with the brands artistic Director Hyun-Min Han and find out what drives this MÜNN mission.

  1. Congratulations on the collection which I loved. I read from the show notes that it was inspired by the Korean War and the circumstances of the refugees which that conflict created. Could you tell us how that inspiration translated into the pieces we saw on the runway?

We looked at different images, not just the picture on the press release,  and looked at other  photos of people who had packages and clothing and ties all tangled together and items of other  clothing that they were carrying. I had been looking at a lot of sustainability related videos and have  a lot of interest in this. Therefore in the collection I have used coffee bean bags from Ethiopia to reuse those to create the bags and have also used old tyres to create the black back  packs in the collection. On the hats I have used banana leaves also from Ethiopa to re-use them to make interesting shapes. In the war refugees carried a lot of things with them , there was a lot of muddling going on and a lot of chaos and I wanted to recreate that kind of chaotic look with the hat and with the bag and how its tied across. I looked at different resources and have taken a deep look into the textures and fabrics so the images of that period can reflect what happened during that time and what it might have been like to be part of that period of total chaos.

2. The MÜNN matra is one of luxurious defamilariastion. How important do you think it is to challenge the prevailing constructs of the fashion industry with your collection

At the moment the brand is quite small , this is our second time at LFWM and I am  concentrating on building the brand and want to concentrate on doing that.

3. I loved the 1960S influenced tailoring fused with streetwear and the avant-garde. What is it from that period that particularly influences him.

As you see there is a lot of street fashion going on these days but for a long time I have liked 1960s clothing and how they wore it. I have tried to wear it myself and have tested out different things from that period which I have develped and which have influenced the collection.

4. Its a new year and a new decade , what does 2020 hold for MÜNN

 I have done a lot of mens collections but would like to also move into doing womens collections and create womens looks.

Huge thanks to Hyun- Min for taking the time to speak to Sodium immediately after the show and provide such a fascinating insight into the creative process behind his AW20 collection. Big thanks also to Monet, Catrin and the rest of the crew at Wearevillage PR  for all their help in arranging the interview.

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” The MÜNN Mission”