Beyond the streets of China town, Chinese culture has especially influenced the work of the Thai designers in this debut issue of Sodium Magazine.




The actress Dakota Blue Richards in the golden compass as Lyra Belacqua, a character who resonated with millions of young people across the globe.




Sodium Collective is all about celebrating the independents, the underdogs, and the outsiders. We’re all about the intangible allure of contrasting cultures, and discovering all of the world’s beautiful juxtapositions. 

For the debut issue of Sodium Magazine we explore the cultural rendezvous of east and west. We take you on a journey through Bangkok’s bustling side streets and into the grandeur of its golden palace — through the bold fashion of its street style stars. We create a glittering neon-lit vision of Chinatown; and we can assure you, it’s definitely not what you are expecting. In this editorial, the imagined silhouettes from Wong Kar Wai’s aesthetic are transformed into punchy and dynamic ensembles — featuring the work of some of Thailand’s best up and coming designers. 

Jump to the other end of the globe and we revisit some of London’s most familiar scenes, particularly the cobbled sidewalks of Portobello Road. Here we present a menswear fantasy that injects London tailoring with a paralysing dose of youthful energy. 

In a series of stunning black and white portraits, we also meet Dakota Blue Richards, a rare breed of celebrity, and one of London’s most genuinely charming actresses. These portraits reveal a beautiful yet intriguing side to the “Lyra Belacqua” we first met over a decade ago in The Golden Compass. 

Facing the looming threat of global warming and increased carbon emissions, we also talk about the importance of sustainable fashion. Fashion is one of the world’s biggest pollutants. As part of that community, we are also all part of the solution. We believe that there is no fashion without sustainability, and the conversation is more important than ever. From Natalie and Alanna, Irada, Lauren Good, and Saskia Lenaerts; we show you a different side of London’s breathtaking public parks, but with sustainability at the forefront of the fashion narrative.

Finally, we speak to some of London’s new graduates at the beginning of their careers. We meet them at a very special juncture in their lives, where innocence meets potential, and where they leave the comforts of university and move onto defining their niches in the industry. From Thailand-born Plare Pimchanok’s unique take on futurism and tradition to UCLAN graduate Rose Conner’s high-concept structural collection, we meet London’s newest and most exciting young graduates.

Faced with the collective angst of 2018, creativity in the fashion industry is slowly becoming ‘a perfectly calculated formula of spectacle and profit margins. These days, designers often face increasing pressure to either disrupt paradigms, create viral trends, or come up with mind-bending concepts that get the fash-pack buzzing. And while the fashion industry has been known to eat up ingenues alive; these bright young things are here to prove otherwise.

In the last two decades, Graduate Fashion Week has provided the platform for London’s undiscovered talent to shine by putting these young designers directly in front of the industry veterans and experts that can help them succeed in the cut-throat world of fashion. With over 40 universities involved, and dozens of incredibly talented designers – Graduate Fashion Week proves that London fashion is alive and well — and will be for decades to come. For us at Sodium Collective, this is exactly what we want to celebrate.

The far-east has always captivated the minds of all those who live outside of its countless colourful borders. Mystery, exoticism, beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking, are all Western words used to en-capsulate the truly indescribable beauty of the orient — and it is this beauty that we celebrate with Sodium Collective. We are a bi-annual style magazine that explores where these opposing cultures meet — through the lens of fashion and art.